We were so excited to get the 2017-2018 club season going at Lincoln-Subdury high school for the annual Sudbury Harvest tournament! 8 Gold Star teams in 4-9th grade participated in this 7 v 7 tournament. With 2 practices under our belt, the coaches were eager to see how the teams would do, and what players would step up. Throughout the day there was a great display of teamwork, skill, competition, and of course learning! After looking back on the day, we are excited for this year because we are starting out with strong talent and strong teams. Now just need to get back to practice to keep getting better!

Army 8th Graders in the 8/9th Division at Sudbury Harvest


Pride 9th Graders in HS Division at Sudbury


Air Force in 6/7th division went undefeated!



Patriot 9th Graders in HS Division at Sudbury competed with all high school teams!


Marines went undefeated in the 4/5 division!


USA in 6/7 Division went 2-2!


Coach Lauren getting Coast Guard ready for the 6/7 division

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