Sunday April 15th: sounds like a perfect spring day… Sunshine, flip flops, t-shirts, sunglasses & a youth lacrosse tournament at the Boston College Newton Fields.

Yes, we played in the 1st annual Fight at the Heights tournament at BC, BUT it felt more like a winter tournament!! Despite the freezing rain, cold hands/toes, and the hoses going off on the Field Hockey field (LOL), our youth girls came out and played strong!!  We do live in New England, and with the ever-unpredictable weather, it is good for the girls to get experience playing in all sorts of conditions. We commend all the athletes for showing up, and for playing tough with no complaints! Great job!

We are definitely looking forward to some sunshine and warmth!

Gold Star 7/8th graders

Gold Star 7/8th graders with Sam Apuzzo (BC) and Dempsey Arsenault (BC)

Two days later, Apuzzo and Arsenault swept the ACC player of the week awards (offensive and defensive, respectively). Check out the full article HERE

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