What is Gold Star Lacrosse?

Gold Star is a private club lacrosse team that is dedicated to helping youth and high school girls lacrosse players improve their skills in every aspect. It is for those athletes that want to practice and play lacrosse year-round. Players get access to top-tier coaches, who foster a fun, competitive environment at practice with innovative drills and games. We not only teach the skills necessary for playing in high school and college, but also harp on the importance of hard-work, commitment, organization, teamwork, sportsmanship and academics.

Gold Star puts together competitive teams that play at various tournaments year-round. Players have access to both small-sided 7 v 7 tournaments, as well as full-field recruiting and showcase tournaments.

Gold Star helps student-athletes with every and any aspect of the college-recruiting process. We provide college-recruiting seminars, one-on-one meetings between players and Gold Star directors, and any other type of guidance the player might need to navigate the complex college-recruiting process.

What is our philosophy?

We believe that the path to becoming an excellent lacrosse player starts with the correct fundamentals. Proper stick work handling and technique is something we emphasize every day at Gold Star. We then build upon the fundamentals, and players learn the skills necessary to excel at all positions on the field. It is our goal to develop the complete player, one who understands the game to its fullest. Our directors and coaches were and are players themselves, and are therefore able to pass on the ins-and-outs of the game.

While individual skills are essential, it is also our priority to put strong teams out on the field. We value and teach communication, team offense, transitional skills, team defense and the importance of being a good teammate on and off the field. Practices are competitive, and players work hard to earn a spot on top teams.

The best type of compliment we get from a parent is, “my daughter enjoys and can’t wait to go to practice!” We want all of our players to have fun all while learning new skills and playing in a competitive environment. Gold Star directors and coaches strive to be role models for our  young female athletes; someone who they can look up to, someone who has played the game, and someone who is going to teach them the benefits of hard-work, commitment, organization, teamwork, sportsmanship and academics.

What grade levels can tryout?

For the 2016-2017 season we are opening tryouts for 4th-11th graders (YOG 2025-2018). However, 3rd graders are invited to tryout as well. As long as families understand that 3rd graders who make the program will most likely be playing up with 4th-6th graders.

How does a player make Gold Star?

Every player must tryout in order to be selected for a team. Players are chosen based on athleticism and skill level. Every player will receive a fair evaluation from a number of coaches.

What are tryouts like?

Tryouts will involve tests of fitness, stick skills, decision-making skills, and offensive and defensive skills. There will also be scrimmages.

How many players make Gold Star?

Teams are divided by year of graduation (YOG) and there is no set number of players per YOG that make Gold Star. For tournaments, teams are entered by YOG. In some instances, one YOG may be separated into two tournament teams, or YOGs may be combined for tournaments.

Who will coach my daughter’s team?

Players can expect to learn from all of our coaches! All coaches will be teaching the same techniques and tactics, but each coach will be free to have her own way of delivering the teaching points.  Therefore, our athletes will be learning consistent skills in a variety of different ways.  We believe this method makes sure every girl has the opportunity to understand what is being taught.

We understand the importance of having a consistent coach, and do try to schedule the same coach with the same age group in as many events as possible.  However, we cannot make any guarantees as our coaches have busy lives and schedules too!

What is the commitment level?

We expect our players to attend as many practices and tournaments as possible. The club season runs from September-July. There are approximately 2-3 practices a month and 1-2 tournaments a month (fall, winter, summer). In the spring our youth players will participate in league games. High school players will not practice in the spring because the first commitment is always the high school team (MIAA rule). Most practices and tournaments will take place on the weekends.

What do we expect out of our players?

We expect our players to attend as many practices as possible and play in 2-4 tournaments per season.

Can my daughter play for another club lacrosse team?

No. Gold Star players will not be permitted to play for another club or town elite team that plays year-round.

Where are the practices held?

Outdoor practices will be held at Medway High School. Indoor practice location is John Smith Sports in Milford. All practices are included in the membership cost.

Where are the tournaments?

A majority of tournaments are held in New England

How do I sign up to play in a tournament?

All tournament registration will take place on our website. Tournament registration is a la carte style – you sign up and pay for the tournament you can and want to play in.

How many teams play in each tournament?

For some tournaments, we pre-enter a certain number of teams. For others, the number of tournament teams is based on how many players sign up. In general, players play on a team based on their YOG. In some instances grades will be combined and/or split into an “A” and “B” team.

For example:

5/6th Grade Division: We enter a 4/5/6th grade team and a 6th grade team

7/8th Grade Division: We enter a 7/8th A and 7/8th B team

High School Division: Usually YOGs are kept together, especially for recruiting tournaments. In some instances, grades are combined.

When determining rosters for a tournament, we look at a number of different factors including skill and practice attendance. Gold Star coaches are constantly evaluating each and every player, and it is our job to put the players on the appropriate team. We DO NOT over-fill rosters. That is why we recommend you sign up for tournaments in a timely manner so that you guarantee your spot on a team.

What is your playing time policy?

All players will play at tournaments, as we strongly believe that playing time is essential to development. However, equal playing time is not guaranteed. For example, coaches reserve the right to reward those players who have made every practice with more playing time over a player who has missed many practices.

What is the membership cost?

The cost for the 2017-2018 season is as follows:

Youth (4-8th grade) $900 (field player) or $450 (goalie)

High School (9-11th grade) $1000 (field player) or $500 (goalie)

This covers practices, uniform, coaches, field rental, insurance (US Lacrosse membership), equipment expenses, website management, and other operating costs. The membership fee must be paid in full before the first practice. The membership fee is nonrefundable, unless there is a documented medical injury.

NOT included in the membership cost: Tournaments, clinics, spring league, and additional clothing. Player and families will have the opportunity to purchase clothing from our team store, but it is not mandatory.

Why does High School cost more than Youth?

High school membership costs more because we will be offering 9th graders a recruiting information night, and complete access to coaches for all of your recruiting questions.




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