Erin P – Gold Star of February

Congrats to Erin P (2026) who is the winner of the February monthly homework challenge! Erin has done a great job making improvements when it comes to stickwork and fitness. It is obvious to the coaches that she works on her game outside of practice, and wants to be the best player she can be. She has top notch lax IQ, and is an awesome leader. Keep it up Erin! 


Keira O – Gold Star of March/April

Congrats to Keira O (2023) who is the winner of the March/April monthly homework challenge! With coronavirus shutting sports down, Keira did an excellent job at keeping up with fitness, agility and stickwork at home. She averaged 57 seconds for two 300-yd shuttles, and got a ton of wall ball reps ins – including some BTBs!  Keira is one of the speediest players on the field, and we know she will be ready for high school play once it comes back around. Great job Keira!







Gold Star Navy 5th/6th (2028/2029)

Our team of the month for October 2021 is Gold Star Navy!

We played our first tournament of the fall at the Lax Fall Jam, and these girls came ready to compete. This tournament is 7 v 7  style, and is very fast paced. With all goalie clears after goals, you have to be ready to transition from offense to defense (and vise versa) quickly. Every player gets a lot of touches on the small field, and there is a lot of stickwork/decision-making involved. Gold Star Navy did an awesome job playing hard and playing as a team! Our goalie Annabelle played solid (and she just recently started playing goalie), and the field players did a nice job cutting hard to get open for her. The girls shared the ball, and the coaches loved that everyone was using both hands for their passing, catching and shooting. It has been great to see this group, many of whom have been playing with Gold Star since 4th grade, apply practice lessons on the field. The girls have put a lot of work in to improve, and so they deserved every bit of this championship! They ended up going 4-0 in the 2028/2029 Pool 1 play and won the championship game by 1. Great job everyone! 

Thank you to all the Gold Star players and parents for the awesome day!